Flexible Training Anywhere

Flexible Applications

SiTUATE is flexible.  SiTUATE can be used as a stand-alone training program or combined with other training programs for maximum effectiveness. 

For instance, imagine using SiTUATE to train new-hire employees on using firm software, who are located across global locations while the trainer is located in the corporate headquarters. 

Or imagine combining SiTUATE with an online program to train newly-promoted bank managers on how to provide performance feedback to subordinate employees.  The online program can provide the new managers with an overview of the performance feedback process and SiTUATE can ensure that managers can actually provide the feedback when needed. 

SiTUATE excels in situations in which the training focuses on learning actual tasks, information trainees will be actually expected to perform later on, not on abstract topics or nice-to-know information.

Any workplace situation in which the experienced employees who have knowledge and skills of the work are not available in the same location as the novice employees who require the information to do their jobs.

What Types of Organizations Might Use SiTUATE?

Consider the Following Situations:

Global companies that have far-flung operations making travel difficult and expensive

Domestic companies that have multiple locations and limited staff availability

Companies that must respond to fast-changing changes in the work

Companies that must meet quality management and safety requirements

Public-sector agencies that serve small and medium-sized companies 

Post-secondary educational institutions that prepare students to enter occupations

Training institutions that offer apprenticeship training and certification programs

Professional organizations that offer training and retraining to members