What is SiTUATE

SiTUATE is being developed by a team led by Ron Jacobs, who first introduced S-OJT in the 1980s.   At that time, S-OJT featured planned, face-to-face interactions between a trainer and trainee.  Today, the rapidly-changing nature of work and the workplace require a new approach to the most effective training approach ever, all the while maintaining the key elements that has made S-OJT one of the most frequently used training approaches in organizations globally.

Proven Best Practice and Results

Proven aspects of S-OJT from over 40 years of academic research and global project experience will be integrated in SiTUATE.  Trainees will still interact live with an experienced employee who serves as the trainer.  Trainers will still use carefully-designed modules as the basis of the training content.  Trainers will still deliver SiTUATE using the five delivery steps.  And, most importantly, the trainee will still learn how to perform tasks in the actual work setting, not in a self-paced training or online environment.  


All of this will remain the same, except that SiTUATE will allow the trainer and trainee to interact from separate locations using an integrated Web RTC capability, a significant advancement.  Similar to S-OJT, SiTUATE will lead to more reliable and predictable training outcomes, along with enhanced training transfer.

Ronald L. Jacobs

SiTUATE is led by Ron Jacobs, who is widely recognized for his scholarly research and development contributions to the human resource development field.  He has received many honors and accolades for his work, including being inducted in two professional halls of fame.


Ron is particularly known for introducing structured on-the-job training (S-OJT) to the HRD community in 1987.  His book Structured On-the-Job Training: Unleashing Employee Expertise in the Workplace has become the standard guide to help organizations and nations implement this training approach.  

Ron’s most recent book, Work Analysis in the Knowledge Economy: Documenting What People Do in the Workplace for Human Resource Development (2019), is based on over 30 years of research and practice, and has again become the foremost resource on this important topic. 


Now, Ron will now use his recognized expertise in human resource development to introduce SiTUATE to the field.