Become a Member for the Next Generation Training


SiTUATE Next is a group of like-minded organizations – private-sector companies, schools, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations alike – that recognize the importance of SiTUATE as the next generation of training on the job, and are committed to helping to support its development and release to the marketplace as soon as possible.

Member Benefits

What is the value of becoming a member of SiTUATE Next?

Members can:

Help influence early design decisions to ensure success across a range of training and organizational settings

Participate in beta tests scheduled for early 2021

Have a reduced pricing if a purchase decision is made

Participate in early research and evaluation studies

Participate in exclusive member meetings and collaborative blog posts

How to Become a Member

SiTUATE Next membership requires a minimum financial commitment for organizations upfront.  Membership does not commit organizations to any expectation for the future.  SiTUATE Next means being a partner early on to help determine what will likely constitute best practice in training for years to come.

Please contact Ron Jacobs for more information.  We hope you will give serious consideration to becoming a member of SiTUATE Next.