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SiTUATE is the next generation of training on the job.  SiTUATE is the only integrated training system available that combines the proven effectiveness of structured on-the-job training (S-OJT) with the flexibility of digital technology.  The SiTUATE system guides you, end-to-end, from analyzing the jobs, occupations, and tasks, to developing the modules, to preparing experienced employees to become trainers, to delivering task-level training live, regardless of the location, to evaluating trainee and workplace outcomes, and to managing all aspects of the training system. 

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SiTUATE Next is a group of organizations – private sector companies and government agencies that understand the importance of SiTUATE and are committed to helping to support its development and release to the marketplace as soon as possible. As a member of SiTUATE Next, your organization can influence early design decisions, access the beta version for early use, access experienced consultants to guide implementation, have a reduced licensing fees, and more.