Integrated Training System Components, Allowing Flexible Implementation


SiTUATE ToolKit directs training analysts and oedigners on doing the following:

•Job Analysis

•Task Analysis

•Occupational Analysis

•Work process analysis

•Skills Gap Analysis

•Training Module

•Train the Trainer Program

•Action Planning



Trainer Guide gives experienced employee the ability to:

•Prepare to deliver the training

•Deliver the training using the five-step process, regardless of their location

•Respond to embedded training cues in the training module 

•Evaluate trainee learning by observing actual behavior




Trainee Guide gives trainees the ability to:

•Receives training wherever they might be located

•Learn task-level information required to perform on the job

•Engage in practice and receive feedback about their performance

•Confirm they have learned the task and ready to perform later on

•Provide feedback to trainers on how well they provided the training



Main Features


Training Management System gives all stakeholders in the system, including managers, the ability to:

•Track the progress of trainees

•Store various documents and training modules

•Manage updates on documents and training modules

•Access the training modules

•Provide a community of practice forum for trainees, trainers, and managers


- Easy Training Design

- Remote Training

- accurate performance Evaluation

- managing training Process

- Integrated Learning Management System

Training design and development is much easier with the automated and guided step by step process using SiTUATE ToolKit

Trainer and Trainee do not need to be at the same place any more. SiTUATE enables training can occur anywhere trainer and trainee are

Auto-generated performance evaluation items by SiTUATE ToolKit and trainer's direct observation make the training evaluation easy and accurate 

Integrated Training Management System shows the training completion process of each trainee and enables management of assigned trainings

All the stakeholders including trainees, trainers, and managers can easily find the related information and discuss together through SiTUATE