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Help SiTUATE Improve Structured On-the-Job Training (S-OJT) Effectiveness

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Several pilot projects are being formed globally using the SiTUATE platform, starting in the Fall 2021. The purpose of the pilot projects is to implement the platform in a variety of workplace settings so more can be learned about its use in practice and in what ways it might be improved.

Much is known about the impacts on workplace performance from using S-OJT, based on 40 years of research and development. Now, more needs to be known about the digital version of S-OJT. Specifically, there is a need to know the extent that SiTUATE achieves the following goals:

  • Increase the ease in doing the job and task analysis and preparing the training guides

  • Maintain the focus of the training at the task level, representing job expectations

  • Provide options in how the S-OJT is delivered: in-person or remote

  • Broaden the ways that the end-of-training performance checks are conducted

  • Integrate the various platform components so they can be used seamlessly

  • Ensure the compatibility of SiTUATE with existing LMS and HRIS systems

Here are some of the work settings that SiTUATE pilot projects are being considered and formed:

  • Public employee retirement system

  • Pharmaceutical device manufacturer

  • Global telecommunications hardware manufacturer

  • Vocational and technical school system in the Gulf region

  • Regional non-governmental education agency in southeast Asia

For these client organizations, the pilot projects will provide a no-obligation opportunity to test out and benefit from using the SiTUATE platform, at a much reduced cost. Future adoption decisions can be made based on informed experience. All documents produced during the pilot projects will remain the property of the clients.

Would your organization be in interested in becoming a SiTUATE pilot project site? For more information about SiTUATE and the pilot projects, contact us today.

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