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New Apprentice Tracker Feature Streamlines Apprenticeship Programs

SiTUATE – the digital version of structured on-the-job training – announces Apprentice Tracker, a new feature to the platform that supports the planning and delivery of apprenticeship programs. SiTUATE can already record apprentice’s learning progress and the time they spend learning skills on the job and the prerequisites off the job. What is missing in most platforms is information relevant to both trainees and program administrators.

For trainees, Apprentice Tracker reinforces the connection between the occupation and the job in the employers’ setting. A unique crosswalk component shows them the relationship between the related technical instruction (RTI) and the tasks they will be expected to perform. This shows apprentices the reason for learning this information. Links in Apprentice Tracker connect the technical instruction to the actual learning activities, allowing apprentices to access the activities through SiTUATE and ensure the activities have been completed before learning the actual tasks through S-OJT.

Apprentice Tracker also provides apprentices complete information about the learning process and expected training timeline. Apprentice Tracker is fully customizable to meet the needs of any apprenticeship program.

SiTUATE - no other digital platform represents the same level of informed practice, integration across components, and flexibility for delivering skills-based training programs. Learn more or schedule a demo today.

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