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How is SiTUATE Different from Learning Management Systems (LMS)?

One common question is whether SiTUATE is simply another learning management system (LMS) available in the marketplace? If that was true, then the follow-up question has been: Don’t current LMSs do the same as SiTUATE purports to do?

SiTUATE is really a training system, not a learning management system. SiTUATE helps users design, deliver, evaluate, and manage training programs – in this case structured on-the-job training (S-OJT) programs. S-OJT has become even more important with the current demand for skills development.

To further highlight the point, here’s a list of features that are part of SiTUATE:

  • Templates for more easily conducting a job analysis, task analysis, occupational analysis, and skills gap analysis

  • Training needs analysis to identify those tasks appropriate for S-OJT

  • Auto-prefill the identified tasks to a Training Plan for each trainee

  • Auto-prefill the identified tasks to a task analysis template, which integrates to a Training Guide

  • Auto prefill the tasks identified to the Performance Check at the end of the Training Guide

  • Template for preparing an onboarding Training Guide, based on tasks and work processes

  • Embedded train-the-trainer qualification program

  • Embedded reminders to trainers, on the training steps to deliver the training

  • Flexibility to deliver the S-OJT through Twilio, Zoom, Teams, or any other real-time communication

  • Flexibility to deliver the S-OJT in person as well

  • Flexibility in conducting the Performance Check to observe live behaviors, observe recorded behaviors, or review posted documents. SiTUATE also accommodates multiple raters

  • Auto send Performance Check rating to trainee’s Training Plan

  • Auto aggregates information from Training Plans to overall Training Audit

  • Ability to link SiTUATE to most LMS and HRIS platforms

We'd love to show you a live demonstration. As a digital platform, SiTUATE seeks to ease the challenge of conducting skills training, even when the trainer and trainee might be located in different locations. In apprenticeship situations, SiTUATE has become the virtual meeting point between training institutions and employers, ensuring accountability for all parties involved in this important global activity.

Thanks for your interest and as always, please contact me if you have any further questions. I look forward to see your comments to this posting.

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