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Improve Training Efficiency, Effectiveness and ROI with SiTUATE

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

A number of years ago, we were asked by a major client to present return-on-investment (ROI) information about the use of S-OJT to a meeting of senior managers and executives. The organization had just completed implementing structured on-the-job training (S-OJT) for frontline employees across three assembly plants, and now wanted to know the impact of the training compared to their previous, more traditional form of OJT. Traditional OJT is usually considered unstructured in nature.

At the meeting, we reported information based on two questions that managers typically ask:

  1. Did employees learn faster using S-OJT than traditional OJT and, if they did, what was the financial benefit for the increased training efficiency?

  2. Did employees perform better on the job after the S-OJT and, if they did, what was the financial benefit for the increased training effectiveness?

Readers will note the two highlighted words: training efficiency and training effectiveness. Together, these questions basically address the broader question of whether S-OJT was worth the organization’s investment? Here’s a summary of the results:

  • Employees learned four times faster using S-OJT compared to traditional OJT, and there was a substantial financial benefit along with the faster learning.

  • Employees made fewer errors and required less rework when learning through S-OJT, and again there was a substantial financial benefit in this case.

Thankfully, our presentation made a good impression on the client and continued having a productive relationship. Many consultants claim their work impacts performance, but we’ve been documenting this information related to S-OJT with clients for over forty years.

Today, we’re taking the same expert approach with SiTUATE, the digital version of S-OJT. Clients benefit from our long-experience in implementing S-OJT and using the SiTUATE platform, and they will receive unbiased information about whether their performance issues had been actually solved. In other words, we want clients to know whether SiTUATE was worth the investment? Based on our experience, no other training approach provides the same return-on-investment to address skills development requirements of employees.

For more information about S-OJT and SiTUATE, contact us today.

By the way, the full results of the ROI study described above were published by the Association for Talent Development, and a copy of the article is available here.

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