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A Virtual “Meeting Point” Between Training Institutions & Employers

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Apprenticeship programs blend instruction from a training institution and work-based learning experiences in an employer setting. These two entities – training institutions and employers – are key for trainee success, but the relationship is often difficult to manage.

We have found that SiTUATE – as the digital version of S-OJT – plays a critical role for ensuring the success of apprenticeship programs. Training institutions and employers can now be connected in ways seldom seen before. Here are a few ways that SiTUATE brings them together:

  • Provides a template for conducting an occupational analysis

  • Provides a template for conducting a job analysis from the employer

  • Identifies the tasks students should learn from the employer

  • Automatically generates a training plan for the students, open to all

  • Provides a template for conducting task analysis on the employer’s tasks

  • Automatically prepares training guides for the S-OJT, to be used by the employer

  • Provides a digital platform – if necessary – for the employer to deliver S-OJT

  • Provides flexibility in using the performance check to confirm students can perform the task

  • Integrates the student’s performance checks and the training plans

SiTUATE provides a level of accountability to apprenticeship programs that has often been lacking. Accountability in the sense that the content provided by both the training institution and employer is valid. Accountability that employers are providing learning experiences to students using a formal training approach – S-OJT. And, accountability that students receive a learning experience that will lead to meaningful employment.

One educational administrator has referred to SiTUATE as the virtual “meeting point” between training institutions and employers. We could not have said it better.

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